#VanLife: Week #1 On The Road.

Hello and thank you for following our #vanlife journey! We have successfully completed week #1 on the road.

3.27.18 Departed Grand Island, NE at 12:37pm. Only 1.5 days later than we had originally planned. Andy almost ran MoZee out of gas after refusing to stop at the Love’s gas station. In his defense, there were small towns about every 15 miles with a gas pump driving through Kansas. In SE Colorado, after going past Love’s, there wasn’t another gas station for almost 70 miles. We made it. Andy was lucky. We found a hospital along Hwy 160 that was well-lit and safe for a good nights rest. #homeiswhereyouparkit

3.28.18 Enjoyed Donna’s overnight oats & blueberries she sent with us for breakfast. Yum! Hiked to the summit of the Great Sand Dunes. Beautiful! Andy wished we had rented sand boards. Next time. Headed south towards Taos. The night was quickly approaching. We stopped at a dispersed camping site along the road up to the Taos Ski Valley. Was too cold to start a fire so we played cribbage inside the van under our Luci solar lights (which are awesome btw – Amazon link to purchase here: https://amzn.to/2JI16Mf).


3.29.18 Woke to several unexpected inches of snow on the ground! Drove up to Taos Ski Valley to check out the mountain. Spoke to a couple of locals that convinced us that we needed to rent gear and get up on the mountain. Said it was the best snow they’d had all year. Didn’t take much convincing, and we were soon riding the lift to the top of the mountain. We were impressed with the steepness and amount of terrain Taos had to offer. Was much larger than we had anticipated.


After skiing/snowboarding, we stopped and walked across the Rio Grande Gorge Bridge. Driving up to the bridge, it looked like any other bridge. Walking across the bridge allowed us to see the magnificent site below.


Followed the highway to Ojo Caliente Hot Springs Resort where we soaked in the hot springs, enjoyed a hot shower, and a nightcap at the wine bar.




3.30.18 Ojo Caliente was in the middle of nowhere, but still  had a few hiking trailheads nearby. We started our day with a brisk hike. We were both eager to get to a grocery store to stock up, so we made our way down to Sprouts in Santa Fe. Van full of groceries, we found a dispersed site on freecampsites.com west of town. It was a large area and only one RV parked nearby. Lunch and a nap satisfied us. Santa Fe has a Last Friday Art Gallery Walk and it just so happened to be that day! Walked around the gallery then checked out Santa Fe’s Railyard area. Happened to stumble upon Second Street Brewery where we indulged in a portabello wrap & craft brews on the patio.


3.31.18 Santa Fe’s SITE Museum offered free admission for a couple of hours Saturday morning. I drug Andy to see yet more artwork. He was surprisingly entertained by Tom Sachs Space Program exhibits. Following the museum, we crossed the street to the Farmer’s Market & Art District. Drove up to Hyde Memorial State Park northeast of town and checked out the area.


4.01.18 Hiked Chamisa Trail 183. Lot of families in the park on Easter Sunday. Took a nap and read in the van. Played Sequence wrapped in blankets outside in our camp chairs after dinner. We are both ready to head to a warmer climate in Arizona!


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Current Status:

Andy – Tired from getting beat at Sequence. Stoked he got one last unplanned day of riding in at Taos. *Wondering what other ski resorts are still open along our route.

Monica – Cold. Excited for the next stop! *Dreaming of warm campfires & starry night skies.

10 thoughts on “#VanLife: Week #1 On The Road.

  1. What a wonderful way to start the trip! We’ve decided we are going to make it to Great Sand Dunes N.P. this summer for sure now. 32 down, only 27 left to go (at least on my Bucket List!)
    Keep up the excitement and the great posts too!


    1. Awesome! You won’t regret it. Hiking to Zapata Falls was recommended by several people, but it was just too early in the spring for us to do while there. Think it would be the perfect time to see this summer for you though! We have some catching up to do on the National Park numbers. They are each so beautiful and different in their own way. Enjoy!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. How exciting! I worked with Andy at the Onawa Country Club years ago. I happened to open the Omaha World Harold one day and to my surprise recognized Andy!! I will be following you guys on your adventure!


  3. Congratulations on starting your journey, guys (though it’s been a while since you posted this)! Love this simple diary-style write up of your week. Especially with the amount of photos you added, it really gives a great feel of your experiences! We’ve considered writing a daily story and didn’t know whether it’s possible, but you have totally made it work!

    Liked by 1 person

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