#VanLife Step 3: Transformation

#VanLife Step 3: Transformation

It’s amazing how life gets in the way of plans and intentions. Andy has been bringing MoZee to our house when we have available nights to work on her. (Guessing our retired neighbors LOVE it – HA!) With winter approaching, it’s time to buckle down!

The first week, we removed all of the existing flooring, grinded out all the gunk, and sprayed any visible rust spots with a Rustoleum spray. We used a spray adhesive to apply Refletix as an insulation barrier between the metal van floor and plywood.

Yes, we know. There are conflicting opinions on how and where to use Refletix. With height restrictions, we decided to use the Refletix and chose a 1/4″ plywood to install underneath the 4mm thick Mohawk Luxury Vinyl Plank flooring we purchased on sale at Menards.

Mohawk Vinyl Planks

The vinyl planks are waterproof, thinner (compared to the 8mm laminate), and easier to install using a utility knife. We even got an 11% rebate at Menards on our purchases that week. Score!

After the sub floor was installed, we removed the existing wall panels. Monica really wanted to keep them as they were a SWEET retro blue with faux brown wood stripes down the center. Andy quickly gave a list of reasons on why that wasn’t going to happen. Fine. Plywood walls it is. We installed roll out insulation in the walls, and cut the plywood walls using cardboard as a tracer.

Instead of tinting all the windows, we purchased a black spray paint to black out the two large rectangular back side windows that we are covering over with plywood. It worked out really well. We will probably need to get the other windows tinted eventually.

We have ordered our Maxxair 12V vent fan and are currently researching solar panel setups for our next step on MoZee’s transformation.

Current Status:

Andy – Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. *Sitting in awe daydreaming inside the van.

Monica – Relaxed and reading a book while tailgating in the driveway. *Takes a sip of wine.


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