#VanLife Step 2: Acquire a van.

#VanLife Step 2: Acquire A Van.

Dreams of someday living in a van while traveling the Western United States and Canada became an every day topic in our household. Soon thereafter, we were having dinner with Don & Donna (Monica’s parents), while consuming a few adult beverages to work up the liquid courage to disclose to them our future plans. Don immediately offered up their beloved 1990 Ford Econoline e350 15 passenger hockey player transporter van. Donna casually dismissed the conversation, probably not realizing that we were serious, and it wasn’t just the wine talking. A few days later, Monica texted her mother to confirm that they were indeed willing to give up such a prized possession. They were. Hooray!

A few months later, “MoZee” arrived! We decided to combine our names to name our “new” van which will also go along with us leisurely exploring the American West. We  had contemplated purchasing a finished van, but due to our financial budget and logistics, we decided this was the best option. We immediately took her out for a test ride on the rural, mean streets of Waterloo, aka way West Omaha. Windows down and hair blowing in the wind, MoZee runs like a dream! So many ideas & plans for our future!

Current status:

Andy – Ecstatic about doing “man stuff” while converting MoZee. *Dancing around the bedroom like a kid who can’t sleep the night before his first day of school.

Monica – Impatiently awaiting MoZee’s departure. *Takes a sip of wine.

4 thoughts on “#VanLife Step 2: Acquire a van.

  1. I’m a friend of Andy’s dad, my wife and I waited till we were in our 50’s to hit the road, we had a little more creature features in our motor home, but the same desire to watch the sun rise over the ocean and set behind a mountain.
    Go Kids!!

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